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Kerala popularly known as “Gods Own Country” is coming up with the sixth Edition of HUDDLE as HUDDLE GLOBAL, one of the most coveted events in Tech Startup Ecosystem in India
Huddle is the focal point for tech start-ups and other relevant stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem including the government, investors, mentors, industry etc.
Huddle Global is envisaged in a way that it offers a platform for startups to showcase their products and interact with a clutch of technology and industry leaders on ways to move ahead in the ever growing tech world in the most informal way, thereby creating deep interactions
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Marketing Madness
Get your marketing plan ready with no cost @ Marketing Madness. Hear from experts and learn from influencers the various nuances for getting a good understanding of how to market your product. Understand the power of various marketing techniques which can be implemented to your business.
Founders Meet - Ultimate Edition
Join this unique platform for Founders by Founders. Founders meet has evolved as one of the most demanding events by founders across the state as it is giving immense peer learning & networking opportunities to founders across the country.
Top 100 Coders
Welcome to the Top 100 Coders, the highlight of Huddle Global 2023! This event aims to identify and showcase the most talented coders from across India and connect them with startups and industries. Our mission is to foster a vibrant startup ecosystem and turn these talented individuals into a valuable resource army.
Kerala Influencers' Meet
Join us at the Kerala Influencers' Meet, a key segment of Huddle Kerala 2023. Dive into discussions about the digital future, network with industry leaders, and amplify your online presence. Happening on 16th November in scenic Kovalam, powered by Kerala Startup Mission.
Startup Ecosystem Enablers' Meet
The Indian Startup Ecosystem Enablers' Meet unites top influencers from India's startup world. From mentors and investors to incubators and policymakers, come to forge collaborations and gain insights into India's thriving entrepreneurial future. It's not just a meet; it's where visionaries ignite enterprises.
Partner in Growth powered by MIND
Are you looking for a partner who aligns with your values, aspirations, and work ethic. A strong alignment in values can contribute to a more fruitful and harmonious partnership. Then we are offering a platform to find your partner to collaborate for your business!
A platform to showcase 50 startups who are focussing on SDG's published by UN. Startups who are working in the most critical products which can achieve the SDG can be part of the Impact 50 startup forum. If you are the super hero to save the world join the league of IMPACT 50.
Product Expo
The Huddle Global 2023 will feature the product showcase of startups. With over 1 lakh sq ft of floor space and 200+ expo booths, the exhibitors will gain unparalleled access to a diverse national and international audience including aspiring entrepreneurs,investors,mentors, corporates, Govt officials and industry leaders.
Pitch it Right
The startups will be given an in-depth understanding on what the investors are looking at various elements like team, problem statement, Product, Market, Financials, revenue models,Target Audience,pricing etc. The panel will have two investors and one business person who can make the Pitch Perfect.
Branding Challenge
Are you fascinated by the world of brands, their iconic logos, taglines, and fascinating history? If so, join our exciting branding challenge. We are offering a platform to show your branding talent and you can create designs for our selected startup products. Exciting prizes are waiting for you!
Huddle Speed Dating
Huddle Global brings you a unique opportunity to connect with the most sought-after experts in the business, technology, and investment ecosystem. Our platform is designed to provide you with direct access to the best mentors, offering invaluable insights and guidance to help you navigate the complex landscape of entrepreneurship.
Introducing the Build-It-Big program, focused on recognizing high-value commercial products sourced from local state resources. We are seeking indigenously developed and state-manufactured items to promote local innovation and growth. Together, let's celebrate and nurture the best of our state's creativity and industry.
Tigers' claw
Tigers claw is one of the unique programmes initiated by Kerala Startup mission to have an in-depth evaluation of the startup pitches in front of investors who will be getting deep into the startup products and give a scorecard on the reality of the startup product.This will become a benchmark score for startups to take their products to the pool of investors.
Sun down Huddle
Loose your sleeves and get immersed in the waves of the sea at sun down huddle. Talk and free your thoughts. Think - Rethink- Unthink in the spirit of technology and knowledge. (Invite Only)
Close the Deal
Get your Deal from Huddle Global. CTD will get you connected with corporates and Government. If the product is good and can be adopted by respective partners, get your deal closed at Huddle Global.
Startup 360
Startup 360 is a comprehensive program designed to provide holistic support to startup founders in Kerala. The program aims to equip entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and resources in five key areas: Legal, Technical, Business, Finance, and Human Resources. By addressing these critical aspects of startup development, Startup 360 aims to enhance the success rate and sustainability of startups in Kerala

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