Huddle Global
India's most coveted startup conclave
Dec 2022
Dec 2022
The Leela Kovalam
Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Let’s Huddle together for a better Tomorrow

An extravaganza awaits you
About Huddle
Kerala popularly known as “Gods Own Country” is coming up with the Third Edition of HUDDLE as HUDDLE GLOBAL, one of the most coveted events in Tech Startup Ecosystem in India
Huddle is the focal point for tech start-ups and other relevant stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem including the government, investors, mentors, industry etc.
Huddle Global is envisaged in a way that it offers a platform for startups to showcase their products and interact with a clutch of technology and industry leaders on ways to move ahead in the ever growing tech world in the most informal way, thereby creating deep interactions
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Marketing Madness

Get your marketing plan ready with no cost @ Marketing Madness. Hear from experts and learn from influencers the various nuisances for getting a good understanding of how to market your product. Understand the various marketing tools which can cost you less. Understand the power of various marketing techniques which can be implemented to your business. Read More

Pitch it Right

The startups will be given an in-depth understanding on what the investors are looking at various elements like team, problem statement, Product, Market, Financials, revenue models,Target Audience,pricing etc. The panel will have two investors and one business person who can make the Pitch Perfect. KSUM shall also aggregate all the feedback from the pitching and consolidate the same for the startups. This will include all the aspects the startups should consider and improve in their pitch session.

Tigers' claw

Tigers claw is one of the unique programmes initiated by Kerala Startup mission to have an in-depth evaluation of the startup pitches in front of investors who will be getting deep into the startup products and give a scorecard on the reality of the startup product.This will become a benchmark score for startups to take their products to the pool of investors.

Close the deal

Get your Deal from Huddle Global. CTD will get you connected with corporates and Government. If the product is good and can be adopted by respective partners, get your deal closed at Huddle Global.

Meet the Game Changer

Huddle brings you the most wanting experts in the ecosystem in terms of business,technology and investments. Get connected to the best from the pool of mentors at Huddle Global.

Seaside Huddle

Network and collaborate in the beaches of kovalam. Huddle Global brings you the best opportunity to get connected to the best in the industry. Network with Industry, corporates and investors at the Seaside Huddle.

Sun down Huddle

Loose your sleeves and get immersed in the waves of the sea at sun down huddle. Talk and free your thoughts. Think - Rethink- Unthink in the spirit of technology and knowledge. (Invite Only)

Super Coders

Here is an amazing opportunity for super coders to be part of the technology startups in the country. If you are a Badass coder and if you can get coding done in no time opportunity waits to be a cofounder or work with a startup team who can be a next Star.

Panel Discussion

Masterclass & Workshops

What's in store for you

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Get ready to Huddle
Who should attend?


If you are a startup and would like to showcase your product pitch about your product, and receive attention from investors, media, potential partners also get proper mentorship by the top-notch industry leaders and coaches, this is for you!


Get access to start-ups with verified projects and share your interests with KSUM to pre- book meetings with start-ups, other investors and executives.You can also visit the demo booth area and test many innovative products and get access to many start-ups with verified projects.


We love innovation and science, and we show it by providing several opportunities for academics, post docs, professors, researchers etc. To increase communication between academia and entrepreneurs. We encourage students to attend Huddle Global, as we see them as the next generation of the world conquering entrepreneurial minds.


Huddle Global is a great opportunity for the Industry to discover new talents, and business partners and Network with people that matter. The idea is that sometimes you have to take a break from the 'work' of your work to sharpen your skills. A dull axe will not cut a tree nearly as effectively as a sharp one.


Government plays a most important role in building the ecosystem. This would be a great platform to keep up the momentum of good work being done by the Government and would be a big step towards making Kerala a start-up destination.


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