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Nov 28, 29, 30 at kovalam, trivandrum

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About Huddle
Kerala popularly known as “Gods Own Country” is coming up with the sixth Edition of HUDDLE as HUDDLE GLOBAL, one of the most coveted events in Tech Startup Ecosystem in India
Huddle is the focal point for tech start-ups and other relevant stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem including the government, investors, mentors, industry etc.
Huddle Global is envisaged in a way that it offers a platform for startups to showcase their products and interact with a clutch of technology and industry leaders on ways to move ahead in the ever growing tech world in the most informal way, thereby creating deep interactions


What's in store for you

Emerging Technology Zone
The Emerging Technology Zone at Huddle Global 2024 features groundbreaking startups, top student projects, cutting-edge research, and interactive tech demos. This showcase provides a comprehensive view of state-of-the-art technological innovations.
Sustainability Zone
The Sustainability Zone at Huddle Global 2024 highlights advancements in sustainable practices through sessions, startups, student projects, research, and interactive demos. It showcases initiatives aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, offering a comprehensive look at innovations shaping a greener world.
Funding Mania
Funding Mania at Huddle Global 2024 is the hub for investment opportunities and financial insights. It features sessions on investments, investability ratings, investor speed dating, the Tiger's Claw competition, and the Investor Zone for startups to connect with potential investors. This space is perfect for securing financial backing for innovative ventures.
Marketing Madness
Marketing Madness at Huddle Global 2024 is the hub for the latest marketing strategies and innovations. It features talks, innovation centers, live outreach, digital branding sessions, the Marketing Expo, and the Branding Challenge. This space is perfect for discovering cutting-edge techniques and engaging with industry leaders.
Business Sphere
Business Sphere at Huddle Global 2024 fosters business connections and opportunities. It features Close the Deal sessions, MSME and startup meetups, Business Talks on government and corporate innovation, and B2B pitching. This space is ideal for networking, collaboration, and business growth.
Huddle Speed Dating
Huddle Speed Dating at Huddle Global 2024 is a dynamic networking platform. It features MIND sessions, Cofounder Dating, and Startup 360 for entrepreneurs to meet potential partners. Participants can also benefit from brand consulting, masterclasses, workshops, and bootcamps, making it a comprehensive space for mentorship, networking, and professional growth.
Deeptech Zone
The Deeptech Zone at Huddle Global 2024 showcases innovation in deep technology. It features knowledge sessions, the Deeptech Startup Expo, the Deeptech Student Innovations Expo, and the Deeptech Research Innovation Expos. Interactive demonstrations at the Deeptech Experience Centres provide a hands-on glimpse into the future of deep technology.
Beyond Borders
Discover Beyond Borders, where boundaries dissolve and opportunities flourish. Engage in Global Talks with experts on international markets, explore diverse innovation at Country Pavilions, and connect with global opportunities at the Market Access Startups Expo. Beyond Borders opens doors to new horizons and endless possibilities.
In 50 Hours
Experience talent, innovation, and creativity converge in a 50-hour sprint. Top coders collaborate for rapid product development, challenging software development limits at In 50 Hours. Join us for an electrifying showcase of skill and groundbreaking innovation.
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