Founders Meet - Ultimate Edition
Founders meet - Ultimate Edition is a gathering of all Startup founders, where the founders of various companies come together to share ideas, network, collaborate, and learn from each other's experiences. The primary goal is to facilitate knowledge exchange, provide a platform for networking, and foster a sense of community among entrepreneurs and startup founders.
During a founders meet, participants might engage in activities such as:
  • Round tables which will enable founders to have a topic on the table and have a detailed discussion on the topic, if it's an idea then the founders will be putting their head on the validation and of its a business requirements various cross selling opportunities will be explored. So it will act as a 360 degree support system by the founders for the founders.
  • Peer to peer learning is the strongest model of engagement and learning new models,techniques and process to accelerate the growth of an enterprise.
  • Cross selling opportunity will enable founders to get the help of other founders who have similar products in need for their business and this will be a market place for founders by the founders.